Learn how to calculate what you need monthly and then develop your highest value offer that you are most excited about

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If you follow me, you know I’m a huge believer in visioning the life you want and creating a coaching business to fit that lifestyle. It is possible to create coaching programs from your heart and charge what you need to charge to keep your business running. In this post, I’m going to cover how you can figure out what you need to make so you can price your coaching services accordingly.

The easiest way I price for coaching…

Apply these tips at ANY age if you want to retire early

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I’m going to share with you my plan to reach financial independence at an early age. These are the things that I learned with time and WISH someone would have shared them with me in my early twenties.

I am lucky enough to have a dad who is wise with money, and some of the foundational things I am going to share here are things he taught me.

Other money lessons came with experience and trying things and noticing what works and what doesn’t. …

Take the overwhelm out of building your online course with these tips

Working on our next online course over coffee and breakfast!

Have you ever considered creating an online course? Maybe you have plans to create a course as an added digital product for your online business, but the task of creating it seems overwhelming and time-consuming. In this post, I’m going to cover our best tips to create an online course fast. I’ll also talk about my favorite platforms which make it super simple to get your course published quickly.

Research suggests that the online education industry will exceed $325 billion by 2025. …

Learn what helped them get clarity to leave it all behind

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Meet this incredible family of 5 world explorers who gave up a “normal” lifestyle to hit the open road. Learn about how they sold everything to dedicate themselves to their desires to travel the world as a family. They are proving that you can follow your passion, work and learn from anywhere, and create a life you love!

A few years ago, I met this adorable family of then four while traveling through Arizona.

Don’t get me wrong, they were happy back then, but something wasn’t completely aligning in…

One of the fastest ways we were able to start monetizing our blog

A great way to add additional income to your online business is to add coaching services. In this post, I’m going to share the basic steps to help you figure out what type of coaching your current audience wants, and how you can add coaching to your online business or blog easily.

One of the fastest ways we were able to start monetizing our new blog was by adding coaching services. …

How I made $2200 a month as a life coach while working from home

Have you been wanting to start your own life coaching business to be able to make some extra income while working from home?

Today I’m going to share with you how I started a life coaching business as a side hustle.

When I first started considering setting up a life coaching business, I looked into certifications and programs. What I found was that most of the people who taught these programs were not certified. I checked out their programs thoroughly, and most of them suggested that…

Are you trying to become a full time blogger but you are having a hard time writing more than one or two blog posts a week? Do you feel like it takes hours to write a post? We are going to share our tips for writing blog posts fast. These writing tips will help you speed up your writing and produce high quality content.

Keep a list of related topic ideas

Topic ideas will come to you at the strangest times. I’ve learned my lesson to keep small notepads in key areas of my house and in my car.

When you get inspired with a topic idea…

When I tell people my business paid for college, they usually look at me funny. They ask me how I was able to make enough to pay for school. And then I give them the same plan I’m about to share with you. This was a simple hack I figured out all because I got turned down for college aid.

And here is the truth…

College can be expensive, and it will never give you real world experience, unless of course you are in a trade school and you have hands-on classes.

Everything I needed to know to run my…

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