Take the overwhelm out of building your online course with these tips

Working on our next online course over coffee and breakfast!

What can creating an online course fast do for your business?

We see many online business owners struggle with getting their online courses put together and published in a reasonable time.

  • You start to become seen as an expert in your niche
  • Your audience stays with you because you are constantly serving them and helping them succeed at life (or in whatever topic you teach)

The easiest way to avoid online course creator overwhelm…

The key is to keep your course curriculum simple. Choose topics which are top of mind to your audience and help them with their greatest (or most present) struggle first.

How online courses changed our business for the better

Creating and selling online courses for each of our online businesses was the best decision we ever made!

Our best tips to create an online course fast

Here are our best tips to help you blast past your fears and overwhelm and get you creating online courses quickly:

1. Use social proof to make a list of best topic ideas

Topic ideas should be based on what is doing well with your blog or business already. This should be apparent with your stats to your site posts as well as likes to your social media posts.

2. Choose an easy-to-use platform to create your course

There’s nothing like trying to share your knowledge while having a difficult time figuring out how to use a course platform. Dealing with a challenging platform can slow down the course creation process significantly.

3. Outline and create your online course fast

The best method for creating your online course fast is to simply outline key points first. Outlining your modules and lessons ahead of time can help you structure your course.

4. Start filling in your online course

Once your outline is complete, you can fill in the course with content that helps your audience. Filling in the course structure with more details keeps your creative momentum going.

  • Use a step-by-step sequence to guide them through a process you love.
  • Create workbooks in Canva or Word, convert them into PDF’s, and add them into your lessons.
  • Record simple videos demonstrating steps.

5. Include helpful links, tips, and resources

One way to improve the quality of your online course is to provide helpful links and resources.

6. Just create and be yourself in your content

Don’t spend hours trying to find the perfect words or ways to share your knowledge with your audience. Just think about their struggles and speak to them as if you were a guide and friend.

7. Don’t worry about creating lessons in order

If you try too hard, this will often shut down the creative process. Allow yourself to write the parts that are flowing in the moment. You don’t have to fill in your course curriculum linearly (meaning, you complete lesson one, then two, then three). You can fill in the lessons that come easily to you and then fill in around the edges later.

8. Don’t let perfectionism stop you

I admit I’m a perfectionist. But when it comes to generating courses, I realized it was better to just get the courses created and out to my audience. You are the admin of your course, so you can always go in and make edits, change content, update curriculum, etc.

9. Time block your course creation

We noticed a significant improvement in our ability to create an online course fast when we started using time blocking and practiced it weekly.

10. Find your “magic hour” for creating content

Selecting the time of day for content creation for your online course can greatly increase your output speed. Everyone differs in their “magic time” for writing and creating. Some people work best first thing in the morning, and others love to create when the household is quiet at night.

Final tips for how to create an online course fast

My best suggestion for how to create an online course fast is to keep your first few courses on the smaller side. Create simple courses that tackle subjects near and dear to your audience.

How about you! What is a course you are thinking about adding to your online business?

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