This family of 5 ditched their cookie cutter lives to travel the world

Learn what helped them get clarity to leave it all behind

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Meet this incredible family of 5 world explorers who gave up a “normal” lifestyle to hit the open road. Learn about how they sold everything to dedicate themselves to their desires to travel the world as a family. They are proving that you can follow your passion, work and learn from anywhere, and create a life you love!

A few years ago, I met this adorable family of then four while traveling through Arizona.

Don’t get me wrong, they were happy back then, but something wasn’t completely aligning in their lives.

When I sat to talk with them, they opened up about how they were tired of living a mundane life and didn’t know what to do about it.

They felt burnt out, and when I asked what things were bothering them, it sounded like they felt trapped… in the cookie-cutter house, paying the same bills every month, taking their kids to the same after-school activities.

Their lives lacked adventure… the unknown… learning through experiencing new places.

The father, Mass, was trying his best to stay focused on Acupuncture school while working in massage. The mother, Sarah, was managing a photography business, squeezing in family photoshoots while tending to the household and kids. And while they both loved their work, it didn’t seem to have that extra sparkle that made them smile.

A longing for more…

I remember when we sat to talk, they seemed to have a longing for more… more adventure, more freedom, and an opportunity to show their kids more about the world. Mass and Sarah had already made the leap years prior to leave their home country of Italy to live in the United States. They settled down in the US to start and raise a family. But they realized their kids were growing fast, and they were all feeling a bit disconnected because of all the “normal” life demands- school, work, activities, etc… They knew something needed to change.

Mass, Sarah and the kids were feeling a bit challenged and trapped, but also knew they had BIG desires. Their hearts were ready for more, they just didn’t have clarity about what that looked like for all of them.

What helped them get clarity?

Mass and Sarah were in a position of great opportunity. They knew the status quo was no longer serving them, and they knew for sure they wanted a change that would be positive for the whole family, they just didn’t know what would be the best decision.

An opportunity came up for the family to take a trip together to Thailand. During that trip, the family took a little adventure to an island. On this excursion, they had so much fun that it sparked a heart-to-heart conversation.

“That evening our kids told us they would love to see more. We proposed selling everything and leaving….. and that is where it all started,” Sarah shared.

This was the perfect chance for everyone, even the kids, to be heard. Instead of focusing on old beliefs about how families SHOULD chase after what society says is the right way to live a good life (owning a home, having normal jobs, the kids going to school), this family of five opened up their conversation to ask, “WHAT DO WE ALL WANT?”

As a result of this conversation, their true desires came to the surface. Instead of focusing on trying to make things work, they allowed their passions and dreams to have a say.

This gave them a moment of clarity. They realized as a family what would excite them the most would be to travel more. Everyone nodded in agreement that seeing more of the world was a must.

This open conversation gave them the North Star direction to start asking bigger questions about what next steps they needed to take.

They ALIGNED and made a BIG DECISION to travel the world full time

Months later I heard from the family, and they shared how they had come to a rather extreme decision. They decided to sell everything and travel the world!

I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited for them and wanted to hear more.

Mass and Sarah shared their plans for selling all of their stuff, including the house, so they could all go on a new adventure and travel full time as a family.

Their open hearted conversations helped them realize they no longer wanted to live in a house and feel trapped. They were willing to sell everything to travel the world.

They made a plan to liquidate everything within one year. And they did!

They have been traveling the world now for over 2 years as a family of FIVE, and they have plans for so much more.

They now share their adventures of traveling the world as a family to inspire others

One of the first things they did to share their adventures was to start a Facebook page called The 5 World Explorers. This page was the perfect opportunity for Sarah, Mass, Cosimo, Emma and Luca to document their adventures while sharing what they learned along the way.

They also created a YouTube channel to highlight the beautiful places they have visited. Their videos are filled with their amazing adventures and travel tips. The family shares their excitement as they learn new things… as they say… the world is their school!

One of the ways they share more details about world schooling, photography, world traveling and more is through their travel blog at

Sarah, Mass, and the kids are a great example of how important it is to make time for positive, open conversation, where everyone can be heard and everyone is encouraged to say what is most on their heart. Without this very important conversation, the 5 World Explorers would not exist! Now they travel the world as a family and share from an inspired and passionate place.

If you could be, do, or have anything right now, what would it be? Do you have a dream to travel the world? Share your big dreams below! 😘

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